I am a long-term petrol-head and I have an interest in all types of transport. My car journey began with my first car, a light blue Maruti Suzuki 800.

I am also passionate about solving problems for my clients and I setup Xava to help businesses setup online to grow their brand.

How does it work?

The design of the Ireland Made website began with ‘The Business’ which is one of our bespoke packages we offer to organisations that are establishing themselves online.

As part of the planned development of Ireland Made we will be implementing a second of our business packages; ‘The Online Business’ to expand the commercial possibilities. This package will see the Ireland Made site expand to better serve it customers.

Extending beyond cars we have an strong expertise in the design of websites for yacht manufacturers. Following our success in designing the Mills Yacht Design website and we were further commissioned to design a dynamic website for Performance Classic Yachts.

Our design brief was to begin by researching luxury brands such as Rolex and Rolls-Royce. This journey is reflected in the design of the new site in that it is a visual interface for people with the money to buy a yacht to be captivated by. The style of the images, the font and the language all reflect a marriage of the classic with the modern just like the product. The yachts are built using classical woodworking techniques for the modern consumer. The website combines the latest technology, design and combines it with the classical Times New Roman font to mimic the product.

Coming back to my car journey and my interest in ‘different’ cars continued when I came to Ireland and bought a Mazda RX8. My love of all things unique and temperamental continues today with my daily driver being a  MG TF 160 and my dream car is another mechanically reliable classic, the Jaguar E-type convertible.

Amit Wadhwa
Founder at XAVA
Email: amit@xava.ie

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Represent your county!
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