1What is
We are a new network focusing on showcasing the light engineering skills of hobbyist’s and SME’s across the island of Ireland.
2What Is It For?
The Ireland Made website is about showcasing your project and the story and skills behind your build to the world.
3Why Ireland?
Why not? We have the skills and the people, let's show off to the world.
4Is There A Cost?
There is no cost involved in showcasing your projects on Ireland Made.
5How Do I Get Involved?

We would like to invite you to showcase your project on our website and social media channels.

There is no charge to participate and getting started is easy, with our three step process:

  1. Send an email to and then receive in return your contributor template.
  2. Fill out your contributor template and detail the specifications of the project to be featured. If you do not have all of the details about your project, we can assist you with some research. Include a short bio of yourself e.g. where you are from and how you first got started with your project. You can check out the profiles of other contributors for some examples.
  3. Include some photographs or videos of your project.

If, like many people you feel that computers are not really your thing, ring me on 087 91 44 681 and we can arrange to meet and I will interview you about your project and take some photographs.

Each featured contributor receives high-quality window stickers of Ireland Made and their county (when available).

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    Represent your county!
    Contact us today to join
    Represent your county!
    Contact us today to join