With a life-long love of all things automotive, Oto brings his photographic skill and passion to your classic or sports car.

At a location of your choice, Oto will capture the essence of your cherished car and you.

How does it work?

Your car shoot is two hours in duration taking place in a pre-arranged location with the permission of the owner. This is a rain or shine photoshoot. How it works is that your car is positioned and repositioned several times as the location background allows, while Oto photographs the car.

Typically 170 – 200 images are taken which are then made available to you on a view-only website.

You then make your preferred selection of five photographs to undergo full editing and digital processing.

The investment

On the day of the photoshoot a booking deposit of €150 is required with the balance due when you receive your fully edited photographs.

Lifestyle Auto Photoshoot Sample image

Lifestyle Auto photoshoot, €450 including VAT

  • 2-hour auto photographic session
  • Includes five high-resolution digital photographs
  • Full digital editing of each image e.g. bodywork imperfections, colour grading etc.
  • Photographer travel to and from photo-shoot location
  • Unless otherwise requested, your car registration number is masked.
  • Additional fully edited digital photographs €35.00 including Vat each

The small print

Until all photos are paid for in full they remain the property of Lifestyle Photography and Oto Winkler.

Unless otherwise requested, three of your car photographs will appear on the Lifestyle Photography website and on our social media.

There is an open invitation for each photoshoot Lifestyle Auto photoshoot to appear on Ireland-Made.com.

Lifestyle photography is about telling your story through a lens. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s lives by capturing them in their real-life situations, events or milestones in an artistic art of the everyday.

Lifestyle photography covers multidisciplinary types of photography in recording peoples’ lives in the landscape, on-the-street, in fashion, motoring, wedding and wildlife.

The uniqueness of Lifestyle photography is that it is “posed” in a way that the photographer gives some direction and then documents the resulting natural responses. The definition of photography is to paint with light. So, a little artistic direction toward the best possible light is always this photographer’s goal.

Lifestyle photography is about the images that will become your legacy.

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