All owners know that showing a much loved car and having its history and adventures well documented adds hugely to their cars value.

That’s why pastdrives have developed a simple and free web platform to allow owners to build and add all their car stories over time plus much more...

How does it work?

pastdrives provides many different features, some for fun and enjoyment, but equally some that are very practical and useful.

It’s somewhere to show your old car or cars – an on-line car show that’s warmer and drier than the car park at the Dog & Duck once a month – and it’s always on.

With luck you’ll connect with previous owners and fill in the gaps in your cars history, or help complete other’s histories as a former owner yourself.

You can build your driving back catalogue, showing all the old ‘wrecks’ you can dig out a picture of.  This provides the chance to see if a former cherished banger is still on the road. It’s a place to post your automotive news, stories and pictures.

On the practical side, you can flag your car as ‘for sale’.  All your followers and connections get notified, and all those just enjoying browsing the site will see what you’re offering.

For when your car’s at shows, there’s a tax disc style sticker for your windscreens that allows smart phone users to scan and connect to your car. This also bookmarks your car for them to read later.

We hope it will be a fascinating place to while away the winter evenings ahead, with new cars and content always arriving.

Security is an ever present concern.  Privacy settings allow you to have control of exactly what you are happy with being seen on-line.  There’s no need for a mug shot – it can be an icon or a logo,  and you can create a pastdrives user name if you don’t want to give too much away by using your own.

Private messages and connection requests give a safe way to reach others and start conversations, without disclosing personal details.  Preference settings mean you can be entirely anonymous, or show off to your heart’s content.

And you can be assured as a user that you retain copyright over all your uploaded content.

For a full test drive, simply navigate to on any device to become an early adopter and join the community for free.

Why it matters: As the internal combustion engine approaches the end of its lifecycle, pastdrives is keen to provide both trade and individuals with new innovative online tools to help preserve and pass down their automotive passions to future generations.

We believe that it’s essential we preserve not only these mechanical ‘works of art’, but also their timeline ownership stories for future generations to enjoy, learn and appreciate.

About pastdrives: An exciting new online car community, pastdrives ltd was established in 2017 and launched its first public product iteration in May 2019. We currently consist of a few passionate individuals who have self-funded and built their vision based upon their own experiences. We’re keen to continue to expand and make further innovative, consumer-friendly products for the automotive sector.


Peter Gatward
pastdrives limited

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