Each brand has something unique to communicate and it's from this premise, I start the exploratory process. I look for the USP and a clients’ product or service and build the storytelling that reflects.

In the case of Ireland Made it was the grand idea to encompass the entire island of Ireland and showcase the stories of cars, tractors, motorcycles and boats, designed restored and fabricated with pride and skill on the island of Ireland.

How does it work?

There is a lot of ‘noise’ out there in the media with everyone trying to get noticed. Historically it was all about the offering and the ‘big sell’, now it’s about the user experience and most importantly relationship to brand. Finding the essence of each company’s message and indeed story helps the audience identify deeper, whether it’s a product or service. The challenge is that trends change, and audiences aren’t always loyal. This is where I come in, I really identify the ‘treasure’ within each organisation, develop and create the path or campaign, to make it relevant again.

In the case of Ireland Made, as every county in Ireland has its own Coat of Arms with numerous symbols of dragons and animals, I decided to utilise the heraldic symbols that they contain.  We began with the Leitrim Lion which was a family symbol of the O’Rourke Chieftains and we went from there.  To date on Ireland Made we have completed designs for seven county logos and with twenty-five more to do and I am relishing the design challenge.

Each brand has something unique to communicate and if you want to embrace the point of difference for a client that is reflective of their offering, then you just have to use a 1965 VW T2 split-screen camper van. I achieved this point of difference when I created the ‘Biddy Gonzales’ Tex Mex food brand which was inspired by two Irish sisters from their travels around Mexico.

Good movies are made by teams of professionals that come together to make exceptional work and with an extensive network of trusted people, it’s a principle I subscribe to. Working closely with colleagues whether they be marketers, specialist designers, videographers, social media experts or even change managers, I act as the director throughout, ensuring the communication is ‘on brand’ and reflective of the storyline we’ve created.

Philip Darling
Creative Designer
Email: philip@darling.ie

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Represent your county!
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