Set of six black and white on cream background motor and scooter accessories print advertisements from the 1960s


These accessory advertisements are still valid today! From Mobiloil, Spark Plugs, and the universal Jubilee Clip, what more would you want!
Professionally scanned and retouched. Supplied in a zipped folder containing 300dpi Jpg and PDF formats for digital downloading.
Image Description
1. Avon ‘Track, Trial or Tour’ leading tyre advertisement.
2. Exide Scooter Battery advertisement.
3. Jubilee ‘The Finest Clip’ advertisement.
4. KLG ‘Too Good to Miss’ spark plug advertisement.
5. Mobiloil “Did you Say All?’ advertisement.
6. SU ‘World’s Finest’ carburetter advertisement.
Image size
21cm wide x 29.7cm deep. 300dpi.
Recommended print size
Prints are best reproduced at the supplied size but can be increased with some loss of sharpness, depending on scale. If using a home A4 printer, output at ‘fit to size’ as most printers do not utilise the full page. The files can also be emailed to a local print shop for larger sizes and paper finishes.
Additional information
As this is a digital downloadable product, we cannot offer refunds once purchased.